Transfer Guidelines

An approved Player Transfer is required for any player to be able to play for a team that is different from his Home Association.  Each year, Baseball Alberta receives many requests for information on how to properly complete a player transfer.  This information should help interested players and Associations understand the league rules governing player transfers and the process to complete a player transfer.

Transfer Players Registration and Payment Process

In order to facilitate the processing of Player Transfers Requests across the province and ensure clarity for players and Associations in dealing with these requests, the following outlines the steps of the process:

  1. All players MUST register with their Home Association prior to registering with any other Association.  This includes players who have transferred in previous seasons and have now played a season or seasons with their current team.
  2. Upon registration, players MUST pay the full registration fee as requested by their Home Association.  For players who have transferred in previous seasons, the Home Association may elect not to collect a registration fee.
  3. Players MUST communicate with their Home Association President or designate their intention to request a player transfer including identifying the Association that they wish to transfer to as part of the initial registration process.
  4. Players may obtain the necessary Association transfer signatures in any order. However, the Home Association President may require that the transferring Association President portion of the form be completed first in order to prevent blank cheque transfers.
  5. The completed Player Transfer Request Form(s) with the rationale letter must be sent to Baseball Alberta along with the required player transfer fee.
  6. Upon transfer, the Home Association MUST refund the registration fee charged to the player. Non-refundable fees identified at registration such as administration or try out fees are not included in this requirement
  7. Upon transfer, players MUST contact the Association Registrar, register and pay the full registration fee to the Association that they are transferring to.
  8. Upon Transfer completion, the Association that the player has transferred to must register the player with Baseball Alberta and submit payment of the Baseball Alberta registration fee.
  9. Associations' submission of player registration fees must indicate those players that have transferred in and/or out of the Association in order to reconcile the total number of registered players.

League Rules - Player Transfers (excerpted)

The following are the rules outlined in the Baseball Alberta Handbook that are used by Baseball Alberta to administer player transfers.

  1. Any transfer that is signed by both the outgoing and receiving President and delivered with required letter and $25 processing fee will be deemed approved Baseball Alberta.
  2. If the outgoing President denies (or refuses to sign) the Transfer Request, the player may still submit the transfer request with the required letter and $25 processing fee.  This will be considered an appeal and will be decided by the Registrar. Baseball Alberta will not support lateral transfers (e.g. 'AA' to 'AA') without support of the outgoing Association President unless transferring from a part-time program to a full-time program or unless a 'AA' team has not been formed/guaranteed at that point or unless the player is transferring from an Association that has permitted players to transfer in or unless extreme circumstances can be proven.
  3. If a player wishes to appeal past the Baseball Alberta Registrar, the Executive of Baseball Alberta will have final ruling on the matter.  There will be an additional charge of $100.00 to any player wishing to appeal beyond the transfer decision made by the Baseball Alberta Registrar.  Appeals will be brought forward to the Executive Committee upon receipt of payment.
  4. If the player is transferring to a higher division of play (i.e. from 'A' to 'AA'), the appeal will be approved in order to give the player a higher level opportunity for development.
  5. If the incoming President denies (or refuses to sign) the Transfer Request, the player has no appeal and will not be granted transfer.
  6. Regarding lateral transfers, Baseball Alberta will support lateral transfer requests where the outgoing Association has permitted players to transfer in, based on an assessment of their total number of registered players at the age category to ensure that they can maintain their program.  The intent of this rule is to support the development of both strong 'AA' and strong 'AAA' programs in areas where player transfers to 'AAA' programs are occurring.
  7. No player, coach, team, club, league, or association shall attempt to induce a player of any other club to leave that club or zone.  Any person who attempts to induce a player of any club/zone shall be deemed to have committed an offence and subject to a penalty with such penalty being decided by the Baseball Alberta Board of Directors.

Residence Criteria

In some cases, players who are registering with a different Association this season than they registered with last season because of a change of residence may be requested to provide additional information to support the change of address or be required to submit a player transfer.

  1. Player residency will be defined as the residence of the player’s parents or legal guardians. Acceptable proof of a players residence will be a certified true photocopy of government issued identification (such as a driver’s license or passport) of the player’s parent(s) or legal guardian.  Players who are subject to the joint custody of parents who are not cohabitating may use the address of either parent for the purposes of player registration.  For extra clarity, billet addresses will no longer be accepted as residency for Baseball Alberta registration.
  2. Players will not be required to submit proof of residency at the time of registration with Baseball Alberta. Any player playing in Baseball Alberta’s leagues may be required to submit proof of residency directly to Baseball Alberta upon request of the Registrar.  The Registrar may make this request of players selected at random from League rosters or in situations where questions have been raised regarding the residence of a player.
  3. If a registered player in Mosquito, Pee Wee, Bantam, or Midget category has changed his permanent place of residence to another location within the province, he may register with a team at his new place of residence at any time during the season with the consent of the Baseball Alberta Registrar.
  4. A player who has registered with another baseball organization, or comes from an area where no organized baseball was available, and who changes his permanent place of residence, after Baseball Alberta registration deadlines have passed, may be granted registration with Baseball Alberta teams upon written request to the Baseball Alberta Registrar.

Transfer Examples

The following examples are intended to help players, parents, and Associations understand the player transfer process and its outcomes.  Please note that these are only examples and each transfer case is evaluated on its own specific circumstances.

'AA' to 'AA' Transfer

George Brett registers to play baseball in the Peewee category with Mudville Minor Baseball, his Home Association.  Mudville has historically fielded a Peewee AA team.  Mudville Minor Baseball assesses its registrations for the season and determines that they only have eight (8) registered players at the Peewee category. George tries out for and is offered a spot on the Peewee AA team in nearby Yomiuri.  In order to play for Yomiuri Minor Baseball, he needs to get a player transfer from Mudville. George plays for Yomiuri for the 2016 season.  In 2017, George is required to register as a player with Mudville Minor Baseball.  Mudville now has enough players to field a Peewee team.  George plays for Mudville for the 2017 season.

'AA' to 'AAA' Transfer

Ted Williams played AAA baseball in the Bantam category for Springfield Minor Baseball, his Home Association.  As a first year Midget player, Springfield evaluates him and does not offer him a spot on their Midget AAA roster for the 2016 season.  Ted tries out and is offered a spot on the Shelbyville Minor Baseball Midget AAA team for the 2016 season.  In order to play for Shelbyville's Midget AAA team, Ted needs to get a player transfer from Springfield.  Baseball Alberta will support this transfer without the support of Springfield based on the opportunity for Ted to access a higher level of play.