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As a team owner you should be getting an email regarding all information to sign your team up this summer!  You will be able to schedule practices and events, manage your rosters and much more!


To learn more about accepting your team as the team owner CLICK HERE and watch the help video.


Once you have accepted control, you can login at and navigate to your team dashboard.


For a quick tutorial of how to use the team dashboard CLICK HERE to watch the help video.


Next, you are going to need to add players, coaches and off-field support to your TeamSnap Roster.  You can do this manually by navigating to the roster tab in the dashboard or by using the Baseball Alberta Excel Template.


CLICK HERE for the Excel Template, once open, choose File>Download for your own copy.


For a complete tutorial of how to upload your roster CLICK HERE to watch the instructional video.  Don’t forget the last step of entering the optional data, such as, import information and coach NCCP numbers.


Once your roster has been entered and your families have accepted their invitations to join the team, you are ready to start using your TeamSnap Teams account.  The following videos will help you learn how to use the system to enter practices, events and exhibition games, communicate with your team and also some of the other functions of TeamSnap that you might want to check out.


CLICK HERE to learn about entering scheduled events.


CLICK HERE to learn more about about using the TeamSnap Mobile App.


CLICK HERE to learn more about the other optional tools available using your TeamSnap dashboard.


CLICK HERE to learn how to use the manager and preference tab in your TeamSnap dashboard.

CLICK HERE for a video about moving rosters from one team to another.


There are two ways to enter scores, the easy way, and the sorta easy way.


1. The Easy Way


- At the end of each game, a person with manager status on the team needs to open the mobile TeamSnap app, scroll down on the dashboard and click "edit score" and enter the scores.


Here is a video to help guide you.


** The trick, this must be done before your next game begins, or else you have to use the method below **


2. The Sorta Easy Way


- If you miss the window between games to enter the score, a team member with manager status must go to a browser on their phone or computer and log in to their TeamSnap.


- Then click on the schedule tab.


- Locate the game you wish to enter the score for.


- Click Edit game.


- Scroll down to results and enter the scores.


- Hit save.


Here is a video to help guide you.


Remember, your league schedule will be automatically uploaded to your schedule in your TeamSnap dashboard and will be viewable by all members of your team.


If you have any questions or need assistance, please contact Liam at


Thank you and good luck this season!