Since 1972, Baseball Alberta has been awarding the Provincial Championship to all levels of baseball, the names and categories may have changed, but every team begins a season with the goal to be named as a Provincial Champion when the season is over.

In the beginning, Baseball Alberta had youth divisions of Mosquito, Beaver, Bantam and Midget.  In 1977, they incorporated a "B" division to Beaver and Bantam to deal with the number of teams that were entering to play baseball.  Mosquito and Midget followed with "B" divisions in 1983.

As the popularity of baseball grew, Baseball Alberta changed the divisions again in 1989.  This time changing the Beaver division to Pee Wee and structuring each level with "A", "AA" and "AAA" levels.  Teams were placed in each level based on the population of the town or city they represented.

The Bison division was soon absorbed into Senior AA and AAA after the 1990 season.  In 1996, Baseball Alberta created "A2" divisions in Mosquito and Pee Wee and Bantam followed in 1997.

In 2005, Baseball Alberta adopted the league format that is used today with a series of tiering levels within each age grouping.  "A2" became Community, "A" and "AA" became Competitive and "AAA" became Performance.  The one constant through the years have been the Junior "AAA", Senior "AA" and Senior "AAA" divisions, which have been unchanged since the 1970's.

In 2013, Baseball Alberta once again moved back to the more common naming of divisions of 'A', 'AA' and 'AAA' to fall in line with the Baseball Canada standard being used across Canada. The most recent change that Baseball Alberta has moved to is the removal of the "name" associated with the divisions which are now identified by the ages 11U, 13U, 15U, 18U at each 'A', 'AA' and 'AAA' level.

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