Online Registration

Baseball Alberta provides all member Associations with a free online registration  platform. It is a MANDATORY process for all players and coaches to be registered online through the RAMP system. It is a simple and easy way for Associations to keep track of its players and coaches. The online registration system has many features that are available to Associations to help make the job of the registrar easier. The system allows for parents/guardians to register players on their own through a secure website set up for each Association. This means that by providing parents with a link, you can have people register under your  Association so that the registrar does not have to enter the data themselves. The online registration system can also provide numerous reports on players and coaches, track payment of those players, and can email various groups of contacts directly through the system.

For Baseball Alberta, this system gives us an accurate reading on how many players are registering through out the province and allows us to create accurate invoices for all Associations.

Registering ALL players and coaches is an extremely important process for Baseball Alberta members, those who are registered through the online registration system determines our insurance base.

This means that if players and/or coaches are not registered through the online registration system provided, Associations may be liable for any accidents that occur.

Access to Online Registration



Organization - please contact Brendan (780) 427-8965 for Organization name

**Please  Note - This is a process for Association Registrars and/or Association Members  in charge of Registration ONLY.  If you are an individual parent wishing to register your son or daughter in  baseball, you must register through your local Association first.