2023 Newsletter – Edition 3




Baseball Alberta is now accepting Association Registration Forms. Associations can find the registration form on the Baseball Alberta website or at this link (https://forms.gle/CZTFonTFjoYdvV8T7


**Important Change for 2023 – An Association must register with the Association Registration Form BEFORE registering teams in Baseball Alberta leagues (Community League & Rep). It may take up to a full business day before the Association name will appear as an option on Team Registration forms drop down list. Please give yourself plenty of time to get that done before the following deadlines. 


Please Note: Team Entry Registration Deadlines are as follows:

March 15 = Associations with ‘AAA’ / ‘AA’ / ‘A’ / Community League

April 3 = Associations with ‘AA’ / ‘A’ / Community League

April 14 = Associations with ‘A’ / Community League

June 9 = Associations with ‘A’


To better provide Association Support to minor baseball Associations across the province, Baseball Alberta is asking all Associations to provide an updated set of by-laws at the time of Association registration. 



Associations are now able to register their teams for the upcoming Community League and Rep League seasons with Baseball Alberta. 


Community League Team Registration (https://forms.gle/QSZcURQCqqnnREVg8)

Registration Deadline is April 14, 2023


AA Team Registration 2023 Baseball Alberta ‘AA’ League Team Entry Form (google.com)

Registration Deadline is April 3, 2023


AAA Team Registration (https://forms.gle/x9RoPx2MFDwJfLuZ6)

Registration Deadline is March 15, 2023


‘A’ Rep League and Fall Ball Team Registration Forms will be made available later on during the season.



We are excited to announce that in 2023, Baseball Alberta will be running a pilot season of the Alberta Girls Baseball League. The AGBL will focus on growing the game of baseball and providing female athletes with the opportunity to develop and compete in an all-girls league throughout the province.  The league will operate with a 9U division and a 12U division for the pilot season.  


Three Associations sought out the opportunity for this pilot season with teams in both the 9U and 12U divisions. These Associations are the Beaumont Minor Baseball Association, the Edson Prospects Baseball Club and the Rocky & District Minor Ball Association. These teams will play a league schedule consisting of a host weekend (1 home weekend and 2 travel weekends) per team throughout May and June.


A big thank you to Baseball Alberta’s Girls/Women’s Director Barb Northcott and the Baseball Alberta Board of Directors for their hard work and commitment to growing the game of baseball for female athletes. 



Baseball Alberta is proud to announce the reintroduction of the 22U Junior League, providing a platform for junior baseball players in the province. The league offers a continuation of baseball experience for players beyond the 18U level and serves as a springboard for players returning from a collegiate baseball season, seeking to play during the spring/summer season.


Associations are now able to register their teams through the Baseball Alberta Team Registration Form (2023 Forms). We encourage all interested associations to take advantage of this opportunity.



The NUCP Clinic season is almost upon us with clinics scheduled to run throughout the province. The majority of clinics are scheduled for March and April with the cost of the Level 1 Clinics being $60 and Level 2 Clinics are $75. 


Associations who participate in Baseball Alberta 11U-18U Community Leagues and/or 11UA/11UAA/13UA/13UAA rep Baseball Alberta leagues should consider hosting a NUCP Clinic to assist the local assigning of these games. 


The Umpire Committee is currently working on a NUCP Level 3 in-person clinic schedule for 2023 and beyond. The first clinic is scheduled for the April 15/16, 2023 weekend in St Albert at the SAMBA Clubhouse at Legion Memorial Ballpark. More information will be provided in the March newsletter.


The 2023 NUCP Super Clinic for Level 4 and Level 5 umpires has been scheduled for March 18/19, 2023 in Olds at the Olds Community College facilities. The cost of the Super Clinic is $350 and registration links will be provided by contacting the Baseball Alberta Provincial Umpire Supervisor, Brandon Strocki (strockib@gmail.com). 


Participant registration for NUCP Clinics can be found on the Baseball Alberta website (NUCP Clinics – Baseball Alberta)


For more information or assistance in becoming an umpire, please contact your Association’s Umpire Coordinator or the Baseball Alberta office;

Baseball Alberta’s Program Coordinator

Kris Kushnerick

E: programs@baseballalberta.com



Baseball Alberta has begun scheduling a variety of NCCP Coaching Clinics throughout the province this winter/spring. Coaches are encouraged to register for the appropriate clinics now to ensure they are Provincial Championship certified this season. 


Coaches can find the updated coaching certification requirements in the 2022 Baseball Alberta Handbook or on the Baseball Alberta website (NCCP Requirements – Baseball Alberta). Coaches can find the current status of their certifications by signing in to the Baseball Canada NCCP website and selecting Status from the menu.


NCCP Clinics in Alberta can also be found on the Baseball Canada NCCP website (Baseball Canada Coaches – Home)


For more information or assistance on NCCP coaching certifications and NCCP clinics, please contact your Association rep/community league director, Association Technical Director or the Baseball Alberta office;

Baseball Alberta’s Technical and Development Coordinator

Sheen Bromley

E: sheenbromley@baseballalberta.com



Associations across the province are in the midst of their evaluation processes with many rep programs having players from adjoining associations participating in evaluations.


Here are some of the most common questions the Baseball Alberta office receives regarding player transfers and rosters:


What are the current transfer rules (AA/AAA) and how does a player request a transfer? 

A player who lives outside of the boundaries of the Association that he/she is wishing to play for must first register with the closest Baseball Alberta Association within their zone (Home Association) and pay the Baseball Alberta Player Registration Fee through the Home Association. The Home Association may charge that player up to $25 for administrative costs. 


The player may then apply to transfer through the Transfer Request Application. The transfer request must be signed by both the President of the outgoing Association (Home Association) and the President of the incoming association (Association which the player wishes to transfer into) to indicate their approval or denial of such transfer. 


Players who have been registered with an Association that they transferred into, during the 2021 AND 2022 Baseball Alberta seasons at the AA or AAA level, no longer would be considered an import and no longer requires a Transfer Request Application. That player will always have the option to return to play in their closest Baseball Alberta Association if they so choose. 


Player transfer requests are handled as follows:

  • If the INCOMING PRESIDENT denies (or refuses to sign) the Transfer Request Application, the player has no appeal and will not be granted a transfer. 
  • Any transfer signed by the OUTGOING PRESIDENT and INCOMING PRESIDENT, delivered with the required letter and $25 processing fee will be deemed approved by Baseball Alberta.
  • If the OUTGOING PRESIDENT denies (or refuses to sign) the Transfer Request Application, the player may still submit the transfer request with the required letter and $25 processing fee. This will be considered an appeal and will be decided by the Baseball Alberta Registrar. If the player wishes to appeal beyond the Baseball Alberta Registrar, an additional $100 will be charged to the player with the appeal brought to the Executive of Baseball Alberta upon receipt. The Executive of Baseball Alberta will have final ruling on the matter.


For the 2023 season AAA and BAEL are considered a lateral transfer and you will be required to follow the same process as listed above if you want to join a team outside of your home association.


For examples and more information on Baseball Alberta’s player transfer rules and procedures, please see the 2022 Baseball Alberta Handbook (page 34). 


The current Baseball Alberta player transfer rules and procedures do not apply to ‘A’ or Community League level players. 


Can a player request an over age exemption from Baseball Alberta to participate in ‘A’, ‘AA’ or ‘AAA’ rep baseball?

There are no over age exemptions currently permitted in any of the age categories (11U, 13U, 15U, 18U) in AA or AAA rep baseball except for female athletes. Female athletes have the option to play one year over age at each division of play and compete at Provincial Championships (11U, 13U, 15U in A, AA or AAA categories). Female athletes wishing to play 18U A, AA, AAA may not turn 22 or older in the calendar year of the baseball season, with approval by the Baseball Alberta Registrar. 


11U, 13U and 15U ‘A’ Provincial rosters may include up to two (2) male players who are one year overage (these overage players may not pitch). 18U ‘A’ Provincial rosters may include up to four (4) male players who are one year overage as Associations may carry a maximum of four (4) 19 year old, non-collegiate players in any one 18U category A, AA, AAA.


What are the current transfer rules for Community League?

The Baseball Alberta transfer rules for AA, AAA do not apply to ‘A’ or Community League teams. Players are asked to register with their closest/home association to participate in and support baseball in their community. If the closest/home association does not have a team in the age category, that player would be free to register with any association to participate in the ‘A’ and/or Community League season.  


Please use the new 2023 transfer forms: 2023 Forms – Baseball Alberta



To clear up some language confusion around the types of bats that are now permitted at the 15U level, Baseball Alberta has been in contact with our Rawlings Rep for industry language to better explain the bat regulations for 2023. 


The clarification should read – In 2023, players in 15U A and 15U AA will now be able to use a drop five (-5) USSSA/USA non-wood bat that is up to 2-¾” in diameter, during league play and Provincial Championships. 



Rawlings does have a baseball comparable to the ROML baseball that can be used in Baseball Alberta league play and Provincial Championships. The ROMC baseball is available from Rawlings at a different price point than the ROML baseball. The ball is not as water resistant and has a slightly lower grade cover but is a good option if you are having difficulties finding the ROML. Please contact your local sporting goods dealer for information on ordering baseballs this season. 



Team Alberta will be holding Canada Cup ID Camps in Edmonton and Calgary this spring as they begin the process of finding the final 20 player roster. The 2023 Canada Cup is scheduled for August 9-13, 2023 in Regina, Saskatchewan. 


Edmonton – March 11

Edmonton – March 18

Calgary – April 15

Calgary – April 22


Baseball Alberta Associations who are planning to run tournaments throughout the season can have them advertised on the Tournaments section of the Baseball Alberta website (Tournaments – Baseball Alberta). Please submit a logo/graphic for the tournament with the tournament dates, age categories, divisions and how to register to media@baseballalberta.com



We are pleased to announce the addition of a new staff member – Aaron Lavorato!  Effective February 1, 2023, Aaron joined Baseball Alberta in the role of Regional South Manager. He will be working remotely in Calgary in order to offer a variety of support to our membership in the southern regions as well as the entire Province. Please help us in welcoming Aaron to our team. 


About Aaron Lavorato:


Aaron is a sport development professional with a comprehensive knowledge of the sport delivery system in Canada. He has been successful in a wide range of positions in the sport sector with over ten years of experience in leadership roles and has been a collaborative partner with Provincial Sport Organizations, National Sport Organizations, Sport Canada, Coaching Association of Canada, Canada Games Council, and other sport governing bodies.


Over 30 provincial sport organizations have benefited by working with Aaron specifically with grant applications, strategic and business plans, financial accountability, and policy matters.  This portfolio has included disability sport organizations and other marginalized groups such as the Indigenous Sport Council. He is a relationship builder and has worked extensively with the Alberta provincial sport organization network regarding planning, development, delivery, and evaluation of sport programming.  He has a unique history of supporting organizations in athlete, coach, official development, and grant funding.


Aaron is Alberta’s former Provincial/Territorial Coaching Representative regarding the Coaching of Association of Canada’s Multi-sport coach education program. This experience gives him a comprehensive understanding of the National Coaching Certification Program. He is also a Coach Developer, Learning Facilitator and Coach Evaluator with Baseball Canada. He has coached in every member organization of the Alberta Amateur Baseball Council. Currently, he is a cohort mentor for the Advanced Coaching Diploma program with Canadian Sport Institute – Calgary and will remain in the role.


He holds a Professional Masters of Sport Management from Ohio University. The program was focused on revenue generation, leadership, event coordination, and brand management.




NUCP Clinic Host Applications (NUCP Clinics – Baseball Alberta)


NCCP Clinics in Alberta (Baseball Canada Coaches – Home


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