Umpire Awards

Every year, Baseball Alberta and the Umpire Committee honors umpires within Baseball Alberta who have contributed in a positive way to making the game of baseball in Alberta great.  These are the specific awards for umpires who have all contributed their time and effort to baseball. These awards are presented annually at the Baseball Alberta Annual Awards Banquet as well as the Level 4/5 Super Clinic Banquet.

Umpire Hall Of Fame

Presented annually to an individual(s) who fulfills the following criteria; has demonstrated loyalty and dedication to the umpiring program in Alberta; has assisted in the development and education of fellow umpires; has demonstrated leadership in his/her umpiring community; has provided encouragement, support and opportunity thereby fostering growth in fellow umpires and in the Baseball Alberta Umpire Program.

Year Recipient Year Recipient
2021 Mitch Ball (Lethbridge) 2022 Don Buskas (Edmonton)
2019 Jeff Donnelly (St. Albert) 2018 Corrie Davis (Sherwood Park)
2017 John Byrne 2016 John Bresler (St. Albert)
2015 Chris Chelmick (Edmonton) 2014 Roy Mills (Vegreville)
2013 Gwen Young (Lethbridge) 2012 N/A
2011 Bryce Paton (Calgary) 2010 N/A
2009 N/A 2008 Dennis Dancey (Pine Lake)
2007 Ted Derpack (Spruce Grove) 2006 Frank Hornby (Calgary)
2005 Albert Durbano (Drumheller) 2004 Jim Edwards (Peace River)
2003 Al Johnson (Red Deer) & Thomas Langlois (Calgary) 2002 Maurice Laplante, Vic Hogan & Perri Gavin
2001 Barry Pozzo & Bryan Keith 2000 Herman McMann, Ed Shaw & John Kelly
1999 Orest Tarkowski & Nick Bochansky 1998 Murray Service, Dan Brown, Paul Riopel & Dennis Pipella

Murray Service Umpire Of The Year

This award is based on the ability and commitment of Alberta umpires that are entering the National program.

  • Must be Nationally Certified (ie - Level, 3, Level, 4 or Level 5).
  • Must be capable of umpiring all levels of baseball within the province.
  • Must have shown a willingness to improve their skills, thereby giving the teams and organizations a top quality official for their events.
  • Must have contributed to the umpire programs through any of the following: mentorship, instructing, assigning games, provincial representation regionally and/or nationally, or in assisting the Umpires Committee with programs that will benefit the umpires in Alberta.
Winner Winner
2021 - Marcus Erlandson (Fort McMurray) 2022 - Graham Grieder (Spruce Grove)
2019 - Brad Johnston (Airdrie) 2018 - Rick Burns (Sherwood Park)
2017 - Tyler Bourne (Sherwood Park) 2016 - Darren Dekinder (Sherwood Park)
2015 - Brandon Strocki (Stony Plain) 2014 - Jeff Chipley (Sylvan Lake)
2013 - Brian Lees (Edmonton) 2012 - Mitch Ball (Pincher Creek)
2011 - Stephen DeLude (Calgary) 2010 - Gerald White (Grande Prairie)
2009 - Dave Bisanti (Calgary) 2008 - Jeff Donnelly (St. Albert)
2007 - Bryce Paton (Calgary) 2006 - Matt Payne (Edmonton)
2005 - Brock Mulligan (Bon Accord) 2004 - Josh Clark (Cochrane)
2003 - Trevor Durie (Edmonton) 2002 - Jon Oko (Edmonton)
2001 - Don Buskas (Wetaskiwin) 2000 - David Salmon (Edmonton) & Pat Vincent (Slave Lake) 
1999 - Chris Chelmick (Edmonton) 1998 - Noel Stock (Lacombe)
1997 - Jim Edwards (Peace River) 1996 - Maurice LaPlante (Edmonton)
1995 - Corrie Davis (Edmonton) 1994 - Perri Garvin (St. Albert)
1993 - Al Johnson (Red Deer) 1992 - Ted Derpack (Spruce Grove)
1991 - Dan Brown (Edmonton) 1990 - Orest Tarkowski (Edmonton)
1989 - John Potter (St. Albert) 1988 - Calvin Mah (Edmonton)

| Junior Umpire Of The Year

Presented annually to a promising young umpire whose age does not exceed 25 years, who has attained a minimum NUCP Level 2 certification, has displayed dedication, a willingness to learn and improve their skills as a baseball official throughout the course of the year.

Winner Winner
2022 - Ty Hoglund (Camrose)  
2019 - Brett Bilida (Edmonton) 2021 - Clayton Wandler (Red Deer)
2018 - Ethan Maze (Spruce Grove) 2017 - Michael Ozga (Red Deer)
2016 - Paul Moroz (Edmonton) 2015 - Graham Grieder (Spruce Grove)
2014 - Andrew Kozial (Sherwood Park) 2013 - Steven Ridley (Edmonton)
2012 - Terran Gimpel (Calgary) 2011 - Robert Feaster (Calgary)
2010 - Devon Redekopp (St. Albert) 2009 - Brandon Strocki (Stony Plain)
2008 - Tyler Bourne (Sherwood Park) 2007 - James Walter (Beaumont)
2006 - Jeff Chipley (Sylvan Lake) 2005 - Siobhan Doherty (Millet)
2004 - Shane Hoetmer (Westlock) 2003 - Ryan McEachern (Camrose)

| Steve Bluett Hero Award

Presented annually to an umpire who, through both word and action, demonstrates some or all of the characteristics of our dear friend, Steve Bluett: courage and tenacity in the face of adversity, an ability to motivate and inspire, a commitment to self-improvement, resiliency, grace and generosity.

Year Recipient
2022 Declan Lord (Sherwood Park)
2021 John Bresler (St. Albert)
2020 Rick Burns (Sherwood Park)
2019 Don Buskus (Wetaskawin)
2018 Kris Hartley (Calgary)

Distinguished Service Award

Presented annually to an umpire who has demonstrated a lengthy (minimum 20 years), dedicated, loyal, and respected service as an active umpire in Alberta.

Year Recipient
2022 Rolf Swanberg (Calgary)
2021 Gavin McConnell (Spruce Grove)
2020 Dale Elder (Calgary)
2019 Wally Footz (Edmonton)
2018 Harvey Norstrom (Edmonton)

Umpire Leadership Award

Every successful program has people who have a vision for progress and the leadership skills to turn vision into reality. Such people are the backbone of any organization and truly lead us forward.

Over the years, there have been a number of people in our organization that have put in the consistent effort, often unrecognized, that keeps our programs running smoothly and efficiently.  They often also continuously strive to improve upon existing programs and in addition to creating new programs.

With that in mind, this award will be presented to an umpire that has provided outstanding leadership to the Baseball Alberta umpire community. This award celebrates the accomplishments of the recipient and acknowledges the commitment that they have made to improve our umpiring programs through the years.

Year Recipient
2022 Jeff Donnelly (St Albert)
2021 Jon Oko (Edmonton)

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