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NUCP Clinic Applications 2024

The 2024 Baseball Alberta NUCP Clinic season is fast approaching! We are looking forward to another successful season of Baseball Alberta NUCP Clinics. The application process for hosting an NUCP Level 1 and/or NUCP Level 2 Clinic will open on December 15, 2023. 

Hosting a NUCP Clinic will benefit your association by developing local umpires for locally hosted Baseball Alberta league games and Provincial Championships. Once an Association has applied, the Umpire Committee's Clinic Coordinator will process your application and get to work on assigning an instructor team for the clinic.

For more information on hosting a NUCP Clinic at your Association, please contact the Baseball Alberta League Manager (

Clinic Information For Level 1 And Level 2 Registrants

  • Clinics will run from 9am - 4pm unless otherwise noted. It is expected that participants begin signing in for the clinic at 8:30am.
  • Clinics will contain a one hour lunch break. Registrants are encouraged to bring a lunch, snacks and drinks.
  • Clinics will contain an active portion of the day. Registrants are encouraged to bring comfortable clothing and clean footwear that can be used for activity in a gymnasium.
  • Registrants are encouraged to bring their baseball glove and an umpire or catcher mask if they have one.
  • Please bring material to take notes with throughout the day.


Can participants attend different level clinics in the same year? For example, take a Level 1 clinic on Saturday and a Level 2 clinic on Sunday.

Registrants are not unable to take a NUCP Level 1 and a NUCP Level 2 Clinic in the same calendar year. As of 2016, all provincial associations were required to adopt the new NUCP program. The newly developed program was revised to provide umpires with a consistent training programs throughout the country, and a program that provided a solid foundation for new umpires. The program is outlined as follows:



Year 1 = Offense

Year 2 = Defense



Year 1 = Offense

Year 2 = Defense

Year 3 = Game Management


**NEW FOR 2024** The Baseball Alberta Umpire Committee has made NUCP Level 2 Clinics available to any NUCP Level 1 Umpire who has completed a minimum of 10 games in 2023 (must be a combination of plate and base umpiring) and is looking to advance into NUCP Level 2 in 2024. Please speak to your local Umpire Coordinator to see if you qualify. 

A student can only take one level in any calendar year. If you need to ask for an exception, contact the Baseball Alberta office (

2024 Umpire Clinic Registration Form (NUCP Level 1 and NUCP Level 2)

Please ensure that the 2024 season is selected when viewing the registration page.

2024 NUCP Level 1 Clinic Registration - $62.63

Saturday January 20 9am-4pm Sherwood Park | Park Baseball Facility


2024 NUCP Level 2 Clinic Registration - $78.16

Sunday January 21 9am-4pm Sherwood Park | Park Baseball Facility


2024 NUCP Level 3 Registration

More registration information will be coming shortly.

2024 NUCP Level 4 & 5 Super Clinic Registration

More registration information will be coming in the next few weeks.

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