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| Score Entry

In 2023 Spordle PLAY will be the official place to enter scores for Baseball Alberta scheduled games.  All OFM's will have access to a Spordle PLAY account.  The winning team of each game will be responsible to enter the score.  If you have yet to gain access to a Spordle PLAY account to enter scores or you are experiencing technical difficulties - please contact media@baseballalberta.comMake sure to provide the team name and age category when inquiring. 

| Creating a Spordle PLAY Account


Please note that accessing the Spordle PLAY platform for game management differs from the one you may have created for your registration and to attend the training on Spordle ID.

Spordle has prepared a video tutorial and documentation to guide you through creating your Spordle PLAY account.

User Guides:

| Entering Scores



Step 1:

After logging onto your account, select Games on the left hand menu options.

Step 2:

A list of all your team’s games will be displayed.  Click on the game line (NOT on your team name). This will open a game details page.

Step 3:

Click on the SCORESHEET tab at the top of the page.

Step 4:

By default the Summary page will show a score of 0-0. Click on Edit Score.

Step 5:

Enter the score for each team, then click Save.

Step 6:

The final step is to click COMPLETE above the edit score button. Ignore all of the checkboxes for now and scroll to the bottom of the box and click APPROVE. This game will now be entered in the standings.


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