League Rules & Regulations

| Official Scorekeeper

  1. Collecting game line-ups, team rosters, Affiliate Player Tracking Sheets (when using Affiliate Players) and Weekly Pitching Sheets (11U, 13U, 15U and 18U) from each team at least 15 minutes prior to each game.

  2. Checking the line-up card against the roster and Affiliate Player Tracking Sheet to ensure all players are eligible (Affiliate Players must show “AFF” marked by their name on the line-up card); once complete, return the team roster to each team manager or coach; if a player on the line-up card does not match a player on the roster or Affiliate Player Tracking Sheet, notify that coach of the issue – the coach will have the option to play that player and face the consequences of playing an ineligible player; email a copy of the line-up card with the potential ineligible player noted so Baseball Alberta can verify eligibility.

  3. Updating the Affiliate Team Tracking Sheet and returning to the team manager/coach. If the team cannot produce the roster or Affiliate Player Tracking Sheet, make the coaches aware that the game will be played under protest and that if the team in question has used an ineligible player, the opposing coach will be given the option of keeping the actual game result or taking a forfeit win; in this case, a copy of the line-up card must be scanned and emailed in with the Game Summary Report.

  4. Keeping score without prejudice or bias – official scorekeepers may not act as a team scorekeeper and must stay objective; the official scorekeeper may not alert either team (or the umpire) if a batter is batting out of order.  Obtaining pitch count information from each team for games played during the previous week.

  5. When the use of a pitcher who is ineligible or about to become ineligible is evident, scorekeepers or other officials should notify the team manager or coach of the offending team so that an opportunity for assignment correction may be immediately affected.

  6. Alerting the umpire if the pitcher returning to the mound is no longer eligible to pitch.

  7. Filling out all necessary information on the Game Summary Report in ink and ensuring that both coaches, the home plate umpire and the official scorekeeper sign the Game Summary Report to verify its accuracy; once signed, the game is official.

  8. Updating each team’s Weekly Pitching Report in ink (11U, 13U and 15U only); return the sheet back to the team at the end of the game.

  9. The Official Scorekeeper may provide inning, # of outs, score and player changes to each team as requested.


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