League Rules & Regulations

2023 New Rules 

15U Bat Rule

In 2023, players in 15U Community League, 15U A and 15U AA will now be able to use a drop five (-5) USSSA/USA nonwood bat that is up to 2-¾” in diameter, during league play and Provincial Championships.

13U AA Run Limit

Starting in 2023, for 13U Tiers 4+ (Division 2 teams), the Maximum 7 Run/Half Inning Rule will be extended to include Round 1 (May), Round 2 (June) and now Round 3 (July). There are no changes from the 2022 Maximum 7 Run/Half Inning Rule for 13U Tier 1-3 (Division 1 Teams) and all tiers of 13U Provincial Championships will remain with open innings.

13U Umpire Assigning

Associations will be required to assign their own local umpires at the 13UA and 13UAA levels starting in the 2023 season, along with the Community League, 11UA and 11UAA levels as previously done.

15U A Run Limit

Maximum 7 Run/Half Inning Rule. Once the 7th run of a half inning is scored the inning automatically stops no matter how many outs there are and that half inning is over.

ROMC Baseballs

Rawlings does have a baseball comparable to the ROML baseball that can be used in Baseball Alberta league play and Provincial Championships. The ROMC baseball is available from Rawlings at a different price point than the ROML baseball. The ball is not as water resistant and has a slightly lower grade cover but is a good option if you are having difficulties finding the ROML. Please contact your local sporting goods dealer for information on ordering baseballs this season.

Fine Implementation

Associations will be subjected to a $500 fine per infraction for the following reasons:

  1. Entering a team into a Baseball Alberta league after the team entry deadline. Teams will not be permitted to enter a league more than a week after the team entry deadline for
    any reason.
  2. Changing blackout dates or availability on your team entry forms after the team entry deadline. Changes will not be accepted after a final schedule is released.
  3. Withdrawing a team entry from the league after the team entry deadline at any point until the end of the season. This includes teams withdrawing from the Provincial Championships without indicating they will not participate before the Team Entry Deadline.
  4. Failing to show up for a scheduled game without prior notification at least 48 hours in advance OR without having any valid reason to do so.

When an infraction occurs, the Association President will be notified and sent an email outlining the details of the infraction along with the amount fined. All fines must be paid to the Baseball Alberta office by cheque, credit card, or e-transfer within 30 days of notification.

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