| 2023 Affiliate Player Application Form


| Affiliate Rules & Regulations

Please look over all rules & regulations prior to submitting an Affiliate Player Applicaiton...


| 2023 Affiliate Step-by-Step Process

  1. Coach and/or OFM will identify a need for an affiliate player (Due to injury, graduation, etc.)

  2. Coach and/or OFM will go over rules and regulations set out by Baseball Alberta for Affiliate Guidelines.

  3. Coach and/or OFM will identify an affiliate player (within the guidelines of Baseball Alberta) and fill out the 2023 Affiliate form through Google Forms.  

  4. Baseball Alberta will receive the request and follow up with the OFM on the next steps (If the Affiliate player is approved and allowed under the affiliate guidelines of Baseball Alberta.)

  5. Once the Affiliate fee of $25 per player has been processed - Baseball Alberta will issue the Official Player Affiliate Tracking Form to the team OFM.

  6. The OFM will then print the form and provide it to the official scorekeeper where they will fill games played and dates of the affiliate player.

  7. Once the form is filled and signed by the Official Scorekeeper - the OFM will send the form back to Baseball Alberta (media@baseballalberta.com) and the Master Tracking Form will then be updated.

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