| How Do I Check Transcripts And CC#'S?

You have the ability to check your transcripts at the Coaching Association of Canada. Simply follow the link to the Coaching Association of Canada and once there, you will be able to check your transcripts or find your CC # by following the instructions.

| When Do I Get My New CC#?

Under normal circumstances, a coach will receive a CC# via email once completing the Coach Initiation in Sport Online Module. The coach's profile will be updated as soon as the information is passed by the NCCP to the Coaching Association of Canada.

| I Forgot My CC#, How Do I Get It?

To get information on your NCCP profile including CC#, please contact Sheen Bromley at

| How Do I Get Accredited?

New To The NCCP
If you are new to the NCCP, you will be required to sign up for a baseball NCCP account at and complete the Coach Initiation in Sport and Coach Initiation in Baseball (Fundamentals). Once you've completed those, you will be able to register for any Baseball workshop directly from your account.

Getting 'Certified' in the NCCP
Certain levels of coach will need to become 'Certified' in the NCCP system. This will require you to sign up 'Evaluation' from inside your account. Once you've signed up, the Baseball Alberta office will assign you an Evaluator. As you complete the online portfolio, your Evaluator will grade it online and communicate directly through the portfolio with any changes that may need to be made. After completing an online portfolio that meets NCCP standards, the Evaluator will submit it to Baseball Canada and the Coaching Association of Canada and you will be able to sign up for practice and game evaluations.

| What Do 'In Training', 'Trained' And 'Certified' Mean?

Coaches will progress through different stages for each context in which they coach. The system designates a coach as 'In Training' for a context when he or she enters the system and starts taking the modules, then when the coach finishes the required modules that apply to that context, they are designated as 'Trained'.

Example - A coach begins taking the Intro to Comp modules and completes the Initiation. He or she is then 'In Training' to become an 11U, 13U, 15U, and 16+ Coach. Once he or she completes all modules in a particular age stream, the coach will be 'Trained' for that specific age group.

Once a coach has achieved 'Trained' status at a particular age group stream, he or she will then be able to register for evaluations. A coach who has successfully completed all evaluations in a particular stream will then be granted 'Certified' status.


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