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In 2022 Baseball Alberta announced their partnership with Spordle to be home for all player, coach & member registrations.

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For the 2023 registration season, it was not mandatory for associaitons to be using Spordle ID to collect registrations.  More info will be coming out regarding the 2024 season.  If you still do not have access to Spordle ID as an association - please contact media@baseballalberta.com.


There are many YouTube webinar videos you can go through for more in depth training and walk through videos:

Spordle ID Overview: https://youtu.be/wsZZ3vXjbCg

Spordle ID Members & Registrations: https://youtu.be/LrljV96vSoM

Spordle ID Teams, Rosters & Communications: https://youtu.be/sY81S6kzMng

Spordle ID Reports Overview: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=apnlfyRzvcQ


* Keep in mind these are very long and in depth and all info is not 100% mandatory in 2023 to use. The system is also set-up under the “Zone” admin, this would work the exact same as an association.


Paysafe Setup:



Spordle ID will be of no charge - as Baseball Alberta is the one taking on all the expenses.


Baseball Alberta is not longer in partnership with RAMP for registrations.  If you still need access to the admin login you can CLICK HERE.  If you are in need of asssistance for anything regarding the RAMP system, please contact support@rampinteractive.com.

Thanks to our partners